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Why do Calendars?

A Business calendar is an ideal marketing tool that will be displayed in a prominent position within any office 365 days of the year. Calendars have a widespread appeal, offer a useful tool and will remain within a chosen environment for 12 months of the year, only to be replaced when you offer a subsequent version for the next year.

Promotional calendars come in all shapes, styles and sizes and at A & J Promotions we Endeavour to match this with your company image, marketing campaign and budget (or even your own personal tastes!) With a large advert space, the corporate calendar is well suited to promote your company name, address, telephone, email, web… in fact anything you want it to portray, this diverse advertising tool will be your brand on your customers wall. This clever calendar will also help build relationships between your business and your client for years to come.

Remember when deciding what you want to put on your calendar this has to be sharp, to the point and above all show clear concise marketing information that will stand alone for the whole year. Choose an image that is representative for your client base, but above all the marketing image you, as a business want to project.

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A & J Promotions Ltd can fulfill your marketing campaigns and drive your business forward. With our extensive range of calendars and diaries or business gifts, there is a branded promotion that will suit both your image and budget.